–Ereleon, Said a lot by him.

Ereleon is a British Off Topic forumer who has gone by many usernames the current of which being Wizif, but most known to people as Ereleon. He is known for minimodding (something that isn't as controversial as it was), reporting people he considers to do Hate Speech, criticising certain religions and its most hardcore followers, as well as posting about the same topics over and over. Ereleon is unpopular mostly with believers of Christianity and Islam, right wing conservatives and many others. Joining around the time Richiesan's time was waning, Ereleon continued on the mass level of minimodding that richiesan started and in some way replaced him. Ereleon joined ROBLOX in 2012, and has been on OT for almost 4 years. He frequently engages in debates about social issues. He first joined OT in around October or November 2013, first sparking controversy in 2014. He consistently remained an OTer for all of 2015, 2016 and remains an OTer in 2017. He considers himself to be a "half sjw half anti-sjw".

​Beliefs, views, personal.

Ereleon has been show to care about politics to some extent but not as involved or tied to any side to the political spectrum as others are. He had some support for Bernie Sanders, He never liked Donald Trump at any point in his entire life, Ereleon also thought that Hillary Clinton was too dangerous to let into the whitehouse, he supported her losing the election and was relieved when she did. He opposed Marine Le Pen in the french 2017 election because she is Anti Gay.

Ereleon strongly supports the LGBT community. He considers himself part of it as he is an Aromantic Asexual, which means he has little to no interest in romantic/sexual relationships with either Men or Women. This is quite a known thing to OT.

Ereleon considers himself an Atheist (formerly agnostic), he used to be religious but his support for the LGBT community prevailed over wanting to be part of Christianity . Most of his posts on this criticise fundamentalist Christian views and the parts of the bible he dislikes. As well as the Islamic Establishment as a whole, because he also considers Islam to be a dangerous ideology where not everyone in it is dangerous, but he believes the quran justifies terror.

First time properly joining OT.

Ereleon spent most of 2013 forming in ATR. Ereleon first entered OT in 2013 when he wanted to discuss Father Christmas and other Christmas related stuff in the build up towards Christmas 2013. He briefly mentioned that he might report people at some point if things got bad. The community for some reason was outraged at the idea of someone reporting someone else and the whole forum was for a short period of time filled with hate comments to a high extent.


Ereleon uses alts at least half of the time he forums. (mostly in 2016-present). This has mostly not much to do with when he is banned, he uses these anyway/  He has a large amount of  alts saved to 3 different emails he uses, most of these were for one off use. His main alt is Turnsphere which he uses just as much as his main (whether he is banned or not), meaning it is widely known that it is his alt. Other alts he uses/has used during a ban more than once are: BrimbleBramble, Builderwizardwand, BJORKOTUNOFFICIALALT, CardinalIVIAN and LordBriano.


In June 2015 Ereleon became obsessed with a singer known as "Kate Bush" and posted about her a lot.


Kate Bush

Interest in Star Wars

Ereleon is very obsessed with the Star Wars series, and has seen all of the films (including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the newest entry). He posts about Star Wars and his opinions on it, his disapproval for the haters of the franchise/certain films in it, and his excitement for future installments.


Ereleon is a big Nintendo fan. He owns a Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, DS Lite, DSI, DSI XL and the original DS. He also owns a New Nintendo 3DS and his brother has another of the same kind. All of these are shared except for the 3ds's. Because of a future influx of a large amount of money it is almost guarenteed he will get A Nintendo Switch.

Lord Of the Rings

​Ereleon is a huge fan of the highly acclaimed Lord of The Rings movie trilogy, it is something he discusses a lot on the ROBLOX forums and he considers them to three of the best films ever. He also is a big fan of the later released Hobbit Trilogy which he still enjoys despite their backlash, he likes to defend these movies a lot. As a hardcore fan Ereleon prefers the extended editions of the movies which are 3-4 hours long each.


Ereleon runs a youtube account. He started it back in 2013 making videos very infrequently. It didn't gain much momentum until he released a series of videos about Hate Speech and other political issues.

Exposing Hate Speech.

Ereleon made a series which was about what he considers to be "Hate Speech". The first four episodes were named after this. Then In the fifth episode he renamed the series "Exposing idiots" In the ninth episode (named episode 8 for some reason) he renamed it to Exposing Hate Speech. One episode is considered to be a "quickie" so is named "episode whatever", this episode is ignored in the numbering of further episodes. Including this and the rest of the series he has made 13 videos so far.

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