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Ethanh99 is an OT'er who started foruming in late May 2015. He post occasionally throughout the week.


Ethanh99 joined Roblox in November 2012 on his account called Ethanh85. He didn't really know how the site worked at the time and he forgot his password (he got his account back, but uses it as his alt). After he forgot his password, he made a new account called ethanh99, which is his main to this day. In May 2015, Ethan decided to go on the forums, since he was curious about what they were. He went to ATR first and got immediately flamed by them, so he left ATR and moved to OT, where he currently forums.


  • He's a Christian
  • He's a really big fan of Coca-Cola
  • He's loves to play the piano in real life

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