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EvilaMel is an Off Topic'er with over 14k+ posts that started in "All Things ROBLOX". Losing interest in "All Things ROBLOX", he moved to the Off Topic forums. He tries his best to be kind to people in the Off Topic forums, generally being put as one of Off Topic's favorite posters. He is currently Purow on OT.


EvilaMel's original username was "Evilguy98", which was created in the 28th of May, 2012. The username was changed in 2014, loosing interest in his old username.

He used to be Gothic, and growing very into the Gothic style. Thus making his inventory fulled up with the style. During this time, he claimed to have been kicked out of All Things ROBLOX, due to an unknown reason, so he fled to Off Topic.

Being in the Off Topic forums for so long, he started to lack kindness to like everyone and to be nice to everyone. He dislikes few OT'ers, such like MuffledSpeech and Snaili. The main reason EvilaMel disliked these Off Topic'ers was because they never really got along together to begin with.


He is also known for his sense of humor. Unusually, though for some unknown reason, he calls half of Off Topic "Papa" when receiving an imperative.  

He's also very well known in the Off Topic forums for his Last Two Digits (L2D) threads.  

He once posted a picture of himself in real life, but it got lost somewhere in threads.  

Breaks and Leaving.

On May 10, 2015 he temporarily quit Off Topic due to haters making multiple threads about him. But he rejoined the forums after a period of time.

On June 3, 2015, EvilaMel has officially left the Off Topic Forums. EvilaMel has many admirers, and of course, a lot of haters. Thus making him well known. But being well known on ROBLOX, it made it hard for him to create his games in peace. The fame for him has gotten so far that there are many accounts created of him, pretending to him. It all being overwhelming for EvilaMel, so he left. His account has been reported many times because of him being on the forums, and not wanting to risk his account. An image of a skype chat can be found of EvilaMel talking to an unidentified friend about him leaving.

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