Evilishness, or Evil as he is commonly known, is a veteran user, having joined on the Tenth of August, 2009. He first ventured to the forums that same year, and the earliest acquired post by him is on the 207th page of the second iteration of 'The finnal days of humanity' on the Roleplay forum.[1]

In 2011, when the winter had yet to pass, the Evilishness account became corrupted.[2] Slowly his capabilities were stripped of him; first the ability to play games, then to view other accounts, then to build, and eventually even the sending or receiving of messages was impossible.

The account went dead for two months.


Following unfortunate events, on the 26 of March 2011, Evil was moved to a new account: EvilishnessII,[2] and on the Second of January in 2012, his first post to OT was made.[3] This account is where he currently resides.


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