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His name is now extremeflames29.

An OTer which likes the VOCALOID Hatsune Miku (CV01). He has about 10,000 forum posts as of right now, and likes animes including Corpse Party. Similar to Danipie2, his favorite character in Corpse Party is Seiko. He doesn't like being called a weeaboo, though. He is in a lot of anime groups and likes to post a lot, but would rather play in an OT Party. He is decent at swordfighting and building, but can't script. He has been foruming sense August 2014. He changes his siggy often, and sometimes doesn't have one. He also changes his outfit a lot. Usually he wears a fedora with antlers, "ROBLOXian 1.0", with an anime character on the shirt with the "Sinister" Face and a retexture of the "Shaggy". He originally came from the "Suggestions & Ideas" forum, but came to OT later. He usually makes OT PBS games, or joins them. He especially joins OT'ers including SneakyDudeman and super79mario. He likes making new lists of his favorite OT'ers, L2Ds, but mainly replies to other posts. He likes to draw but doesn't do it on ROBLOX often. He can't keep a limited too long due to wanting more ROBUX for something new in the Catalog. He doesn't usually post in flame-war threads unless he finds it insulting against other people or himself. He enjoys playing console games and steam games almost as much as ROBLOX.

Extremeflames29 by onithewizard-d88t4b7

A picture drawn of extremeflames29. This was drawn by VinnyKun

Hatsune miku

Hatsune Miku

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