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Fadious is possibly one of the most hated and known OTers of all time. Originally joining between 2009-2010 on an alt account, he was quick to rise to fame in 2015-2016 due to his notorious OT Parties, usually banning many people for petty things. These OT Parties were usually posted at his many OT Hangout places, which were mostly simply built baseplates with small additions, such as a box or some steps.

An example of something notable Fadious did was taking over the Off Topic Youtube channel, kicking everyone out of it, and then claiming it for himself.

Fadious has a twitter in which he posts seemingly random things. In reality, his tweets just reflect his enormously high IQ, which is speculated to be in the trillions. This is why to the average person his tweets may seem strange.

In somewhere between June - July of 2017, on the account FadiousV2, he announced that'd he be quitting the ROBLOX Forums, due to him moving away to Europe, combined with him getting bored of foruming in general. Ultimately there were mixed emotions about him quitting.

On his other (now terminated) account, Fadious, he was terminated by hosting an OT Party with NSFW commands. The OT'er Slurpeguy recorded it, and uploaded it to YouTube, and now has almost 300 views. Later, Slurpe was terminated for an unknown reason, but most people agreed it was Fadious mass-reporting Slurpeguy which caused his termination. He later moved to his alt FadiousV2, which he still uses today.

OT Parties

Fadious usually only hosted OT parties at his own places. He often had f3x building tools, as well as epix admin commands and would build while the OT Party would go on. His first OT Hangout place was simply a baseplate with stairs, however as time went on his OT Hangout places would evolve until the final one before the removal of the forums, OT Hangout V13 - Color Edition. This final hangout included a piano, a river running under it, grass and some tunnels.

Fadious also become known for what he would do to OTers in his parties. On many occasions, he would build a box and start banning anyone who he didn't recognize or like the outfit of.
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Fadious (gay lord) , seen here being protective of Air_Marshal for some reason. It is suspected that he tried to OD him until he found out he was a transsexual.

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An example of Fadious abusing admin commands to try to lure unsuspecting 13 year olds into his bed.