Fadious is possibly one of the most hated OTers of all time. Joining in 2015, he was quick to rise to fame due to his memorable OT Parties, usually banning many people for little things.

Fadious has a twitter in which he posts random things. His profile picture actually shows his face, though being covered by some sort of blanket.

In somewhere between June-July of 2017, he announced that'd he be quitting the ROBLOX Forums for an unknown reason, which ultimately had mixed emotions about his quit.

On his other (now terminated) account, Fadious, he was terminated by hosting an OT Party with NSFW commands. The OT'er Slurpeguy recorded it, and uploaded it to YouTube, and now has almost 300 views. Later, Slurpe was terminated for an unknown reason, but most people agreed it was Fadious mass-reporting Slurpeguy which caused his termination.

RobloxScreenShot03052015 195009153

A screenshot of Herkamuhr in early 2015.

C QqcOtW0AAtr3o

Fadious (gay lord) , seen here being protective of Air_Marshal for some reason. It is suspected that he tried to OD him until he found out he was a transsexual.

RobloxScreenShot05252016 171354247

An example of Fadious abusing admin commands to try to lure unsuspecting 13 year olds into his bed.

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