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He's an inactive OT'er who was in the top 25 posters.


Fastlane is a Joey Graceffa fan girl. He has exactly 100,000 posts, making him the most endowed OTer in terms of post count. He used to be the top poster until Ventus had beat him until Ventus pussied out and mass-spammed FG, because of this, many people who know a damn about anything still regard Fastlane as #1. Fastlane is an advocate for removing post count because he thinks it caused a dilemna. He also had tried to get rid of Ventus, in the post count war. despite that barely being done before. He happens to be an OTer, while Ventus is on RT more often. Fastlane has a youtube channel called Fastlane252. He is mainly inactive on it though. He has Q&A videos up on that channel and more. Some OTers consider Fastlane a god. Others consider him to be one of of the best.

As of now he is hardly ever active.

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