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the brunette army will dominate the world muhahaha

Fbgnhn,fbg(as almost everyone calls him),is a brazilian, 1600 posts OTer, that started foruming there in January of 2015.

Quitting ATR and joining OT

Before joining OT,fbgnhn used to post on ATR actively. He made a thread saying yayyyy with the title being 500 posts woot. However,instead of the ATR'ers saying a friendly congrats,they quickly started to flame him,calling him a newbag and bragger. He ignored all of that and,quit ATR forever,and still has hate for the subforum to this day. There is also rumor that he quit because he was being banned alot,and he has many terminated alts there.

Personality on forums,and in-game

Along with a small amount of forumers,fbgnhn has a hate towards ROBLOX and its users. He usually calls people with ii on the beggining of usernames dumbass oders who should just rethink about their lives. He also has a noticeable hate towards people with high post counts,by calling them dumbasses that wastes their life and money on a blockman game and  Despite all the hate,fbgnhn is friendly towards people on the forums,and in-game as well,by helping them. He  loves the moderators,and is known for having a fetish with brunettes. 


At the moment,fbgnhn has no alt to forum with. His forum alt samueltotman was intentionally terminated by him. He has created a new alt called fbg_nhn,and uses it while his main account is banned.

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