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The February 2014 Wiki Raid was a supposed raiding of the OT Wiki from the infamous Off Topic spinoff OTTHUNDERDOME. People claimed that they hacked the creator's account, blocked all the admins from editing, mass deleted some pages, and mass vandalized other pages.

in February of 2014, some members of OTTD "hacked" WikiElephant, the creator of OT Wiki, blocked the rest of the admins, and mass vandalized many pages and deleted half of the pages. This absolute devastation of the wiki is something it has yet to recover from in full, as many parts of the wiki were irreparably crushed in the process and have never lived up to their full potential since.

This is actually the 2nd OT wiki attack by OTThunderDome, The first occurring around March 2013 and was simply mass creation of spam pages and mass vandalism.


Ten months after the first obliteration of the OT wiki by OTTD and one year after the OT wiki's discovery by RTCity , on February 10th, 2014, Carl grew bored with the wiki and offered admin to the gang and permission to do whatever they wanted to with the place. It was thus only natural that the entire wiki was systematically obliterated by Amsk8r, and every left over article Eiffel Towered into submission. Of course, this brought on a colossal shitstorm on both OT and the wiki itself. Numerous funny articles ensued on the wiki, and the shitstorm persisted for a couple of days.

The Raid

At around February 2014, yoshiandgoomba noticed something had went wrong with the Wikia, it was being mass vandalized as well as pages being mass deleted, he posted about it on OT, people freaked out and claimed it was the end of the OT Wiki. At first, many thought it was an abusive admin vandalizing the wiki for whatever reason. When it eventually came to OT's mind that this was not the work of abusive admins but "hackers" OT and OT wiki freaked out and raced to think about what to do, The OT wiki admins were powerless against OTTD and couldn't do anything


After OTTD went on for hours crushing the wiki mercilessly, the OTTDers eventually realized they pretty much destroyed the wiki and a job well done. And left the OT wiki to rot.

The OT wiki remained abandoned for months until ArceusGreen managed to acquire the OT wiki since then the OT wiki has slowly been repairing itself from the utter annihilation it sufferedat the hands of OTTD.

WikiElephant destroyed it himself instead

Stories had also gone around in OT that OTTD actually didn't hack the creator's account and that WikiElephant actually destroyed the site himself and/or got buddies from OTTD to do it (somewhat similar to zacmac's failed spinoff, Rejected Discussion).


Afterwards, some OT'ers secretly created a new wikia, and didn't give out the links to just everyone, instead, the link to it was sent via PM only if they were trusted, it was supposedly discovered by members of OTTD though, BritiansGotTalent eventually claimed the wiki and appointed new administrators who are currently reconstructing it even to this day, 2 years later.


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