FemaleGuest666 Drawing

old bad drawing not meant to be here -Editor

FemaleGuest666 was a OTer who currently has 20,700 posts.

She usually posts on weekends all time, and on weekdays usually at 4 PM she starts posting, rarely going on other forums unless to check on them, maybe post on them. She's usually known for posting OT parties on old games or on dubtrack . She's now currently posting as FemaleGuestReturns.

She also hates emoticons such as "XD" ":3" ";3" "c;" "c:" and "xD"

She's been in a few incidents and has helped write incidents such as xxKaitlyn vs OT.

They also sometimes write OTer x OTer fanfics. Just don't ask.

FemaleGuestReturns's Termination

(How does one even get that correct? is it FemaleGuestReturns's or FemaleGuestReturns'? -Printer while editing.)

A while ago, FemaleGuestReturns got terminated. (moderation note here)

FemaleGuestReturns now posts on 3D_Printer.

As of now, they mostly lurk on Off Topic and not post too much. They're on discord mostly as ouma kokichi#1304 and if a dubtrack party is ever made, their name is r34.

The 3D_Printer Generation [Current]

Since the termination, 3D_Printer was on OT even more rarely, saying they quit quite a while ago. They are now only on discord as printr💜p#9026. They are always on a discord server called "Variexus".

Their personality is usually just calm or neutral. They do sometimes have episodes of saddness, but they're usually short-lasting.

3D_Printer has an addiction to a game called Danganronpa, mostly with the certain character from Danganronpa V3 called "Ouma Kokichi". They also are a big fan of Doki Doki Literature Club.

They are 5'2/5'3. 3D_Printer had stated that their gender changes time to time at one point, but they seem to be just female at the current moment. She usually calls herself a "trap". She is pansexual (or bisexual if you do not believe in more than two genders). They usually use emojis and emoticons, despite their odd hate for it before.

They also draw too. Their twitter is @a_cup_of_memes and their Deviantart is Bouncy-Deerz. They also have an Osu! account called 3D_Printer, although they rarely use it.