Before OT

Firefeind1 first joined ROBLOX in 2006, on the 14th of October, after his brother K9chief joined on the 13th. He later created the account "Gordonrox24" for his other brother in 2008, on the 5th of January. Gordonrox24 first became a volunteer mod around 2010, after being suggested by Briguy9876, or someone like that idk tbh lmao.

Joining OT & first post on OT

Firefeind1 joined OT in 2010.

His first post was in 2008, on the 25th of December on the accounts Noob47, Noob48, BlahBlah7, and Firefeind1. 


In 2012, on the 21st of April, Firefeind1 got 20k posts. The 20k post was posted on CrocodileShampoo's thread.

Firefeind1 was pretty popular by this time.

He had OD'ed two OT'ers since he joined OT. They were Thatsawesome, and Evildoll. Evildoll was the first, Thatsawesome was the second.

Firefeind1 helped an OT'er named "Heartstrings" get out of IP bans, by giving her alt accounts. Some of these alts are:

  • Oldcult
  • TheOnionRouter
  • Heartstringscol
  • WateryWaka
  • S4MUS
  • CultOfPudding
  • DontGetIt

Giving Heartstrings these accounts resulted in multiple IP bans a day, and the need to use something called "The Onion Router" to get out of the IP bans and continue foruming on OT, while getting more and more IP bans. Later on, Gordonrox24 E-mail ReeseMcBlox asking why Firefeind1 was getting IP bans, but not him. It was later revealed that Firefeind1 was giving Heartstrings some alts.


In 2013, on the 3rd of March, Firefeind1 got to 30k forum posts. 30k Post was posted on Linkrocker1's thread lasting just over 3 pages.

Firefeind1 raced Nascarfan73 to 30k posts, and won. Kickmecookies also challanged to pass Firefeind1's postcount, and gave up around 43k posts.

Firefeind1 started dating Emilylacee in 2013, on the 1st of September.

In 2013, on the 26th of October, Firefeind1 got to 40k posts, posted on a thread made by Emilylacee that lasted 6 Pages.


In 2014, Firefeind1 has become less popular on OT. He has gone from one of the most popular OT'ers, to one of the least popular in just a year. He hasn't got a milestone thread for another 10k in this year, and he probably wont get one this year. He is planning it to be done in 2015.

Firefeind1 and Emilylacee broke up in 2014 after Valentines day. Since then, Emilylacee got all of her posts [Content Deleted], so Firefeind1's 40k thread was ruined.

More coming later.