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On August 22nd, 2013 firekillerxx was deleted for real and for good. No reason was shown.

Current Accounts

Firekillerxx has a lot of atls, consisting of:

firekiiierxx, fLrekLLLerxx, firekillerxxalt, f1rek1llerxx, xxrellikerif, and his NEW main account, xxfirekiller.

Deletion Rumor

Firekillerxx was never deleted, it was all just a rumor made up by him. A couple of ROBLOX funerals were built, as people took the rumor very seriously. One example is:

This was before he actually got deleted.

A shared account

Firekillerxx is a shared account in between him and his sister. It is useful to know that when firekillerxx has hair instead of a hat his sister is online. Many people do not believe about his sister and imitate him by claiming their sister or brother to be online.

Deleted alt (R.I.P. firekiiierxx)

On 8/5/13, firekillerxx lost one of his alts, firekiiierxx (2 i's for L's) , due to richiesan who reported him in a thread he made about richiesan's fangirls. Firekiiierxx had 2153 forum posts. However, firekillerxx sent an appeal and it got reduced to a 3 dayer, so it was saved!

Deleted alt (R.I.P. firekillerxx)

On 10/5 2013, firekillerxx was deleted for a unknown reason. This will more likely expand soon.

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