FishFriar is an OTer previously known as Instinctiverobloxian (CatLawyer). She joined on Feb 11th, 2011 and is 15 years old. Before May 6th, 2015, she was part of Cutout studios, a group owned by Explode1, and was kicked out for an argument she and Explode1 had the previous day.


Fish is generally seen as a very hotshot OTer. Her posts are often eccentric, but she will easily go upfront to give someone the cold shoulder.

Most of her posts are also fish related playing to her namesake. Their writing style takes many forms from correct punctuation, to a more laid back system of writing.


On 5/14/15, an alt named Castitatis leaked nudes of her to OT. She denied them to be real. Later that day, Castitatis put up several other posts to the alleged nudes.

Two days later, she was banned for 7 days for "using alts to break the ROBLOX rules" presumably from the drama caused by Castitatis. She denies any relation to that account. According to her, after receiving that message, she logged onto an account she gave to her brother, BloxAdventure. After a few clicks, she got an IP ban, lasting until 5/22/2015. When the ban was lifted, she was given an Account Termination message for using ROBLOX to post nudes on all accounts, including BloxAdventure xXnine9nineXx, her previous alt used for building.


  • Her name is a play on words of a "fish fryer" who would generally fry fish, but in her case, it would mean "fish priest"

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