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Avatar as of 1/25/2014


FlamusFlarega is an OT'er who joined at Summer 2014 and as 5k Post.

FlamusFlarega joined ROBLOX at January 9, 2009, His previous name is SonicStar1234. He changed his name to FlamusFlarega by early 2014. He is 16 years old. Flamus isn't a very known OT'er, but He is liked by many other famous OT'ers. He sometimes post L2D and scenario threads, but he mostly post other stuff. He likes to go to Ot parties and enjoy hanging with other OTers. He rarely get banned, but he mostly get warnings.


  • His favorite color is red
  • He is a Sonic fan
  • He Likes to play Smash bros a lot
  • He is interested in astronomy

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