FlyingYamaski was a kiddo OT'er who posted from April 2015 to the last days of the forum, though becoming increasingly inactive as time went on, he practically quit when the forums were deleted. He is now a regular on the OT Discord, where he's one of those people who are near admin status but then again nowhere near.

Fun Facts

  • He is 11 with an above average IQ
  • He's an autist (as you'd probably expect)
  • His favorite NHL team is the Vegas Golden Knights and his favorite soccer team is the Glasgow Rangers
  • He hasn't ever traveled outside of Canada
  • He has a Berner chow-Duck Tolling Retriever mix named Willow and a Orange Tabby named Hammy
  • He currently resides in Saint John, NB. Something he makes very clear if you've been on the OT server before.
  • He has a Genesis, a (broken) SNES, a (missing) Game Boy Color, a PS2, a Gamecube, a Wii, a (broken) Wii U, and 2 XBOX 360's.
  • He has met Tye Dillinger (a WWE Superstar) before and his parents were friends with Tye
  • His personality is INTP.


  • Birthday: May 16 
  • Age: 11
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: Canada 
  • Province: New Brunswick
  • Passions; Football Manager, FIFA, NHL, Madden, soccer, hockey
  • Religion: Christian
  • Other Websites: Youtube, Dubtrack, Discord, Steam, Twitter