ForgottenDelamen is a hacker and a very inactive OT'er. Most people apparently wouldn't even call him an OT'er. The reason he is on this wiki is the fact that he is known for hacking a famous group 'The Forgotten Brothers' after they hacked his main and gave it to someone else. After hacking members of TFB, he proceeded to post about it on OT. They ended up being deleted by mods. At later times, he proceeded to crap post on OT and RT around mid-2014 by using flamebait and had tried to scare people with chinese lettering translating to sentences like: 'You will die' until he got bored and never posted again.

On 2/20/15, he posted again about V3rmillion apparently wanting to hack OT by posting links. He made a warning about it on a post. Few believed him and others didn't. His post was later deleted by the mods.

On 2/21/15, he was majorly involved in the g0Nick incident. He had taken down g0nick's website, as well as taking down his stream while broadcasting it. He had uploaded two videos on to YouTube using the accound called 'Hacking Legion'. He uploaded the videos as a warning for g0Nick, and posted the links on OT.

Warning to g0Nick00:24

Warning to g0Nick.

The first video he uploaded.

Final warning, g0Nick00:27

Final warning, g0Nick.

The second and last video he uploaded.

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