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FG Vs BGTA51 was a war between users ForumGame and BritainsGotTalentA51.

The Start





The war started in March 2014, when "ForumGame" got a one day ban. However, no one knew who was the culprit behind it. Some people did accuse BGT of the job though.

The Middle

In April 2014, BGT started to insult user ForumGame calling him a spamming, postfarming ODer a thread called "Rate The Robloxian Above You" thread (which was created by ForumGame). Later that month, the thread was deleted and ForumGame got a 3 day ban. People pointed towards BGT again. Later that day, user Frantuary posted a link onto OT to one of BGT's tweets. The tweet stated that he just got "ForumGame"'s rating thread deleted. This made user LavaRuby very angry, and he proceeded to insult the user.

The End

The flamewar has since ended after going on for a long time, and both users are now inactive.


OT's Green Online Dater who was believed to have started the war

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