Forum 49 (The Secret Subforum) was a ROBLOX forum that became visible for users on the morning of December 6, 2013. It could be found in the top forum titled ROBLOX. The only way players could access this forum was by typing in the

forum link or using Inspect Element. There was no known name for this forum, so OTers often reference this forum by its forum ID, 49.

After Forum 49 was discovered, many ROBLOXians attempted to claim it. Notably, OT, C&G, and RT wanted to claim the forum, though a few players suggested that Forum 49 would be owned by everyone. Within a few days of the forum's release, it was taken down.

Known Posts on Forum 49

The following are links to posts that are located within Forum 49. Approximately 300 posts were on this forum prior to its removal.

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