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FoxerzXD is an OTer that made his account on ROBLOX during March 1st, 2014.

He first heard of ROBLOX by a Brazilian youtuber somewhere in 2011, the first place he joined was "Save Telamon from Zombies!" when he was a guest.

FoxerzXD is known for having an obsession with Samus Aran, the main protagonist from the Metroid series. He refers to Samus as his wife, denying any statement that he and Samus aren't together.

He began foruming somewhere in June 2014, and still forums to this day. He has began posting less often in 2016, as he deems it "boring". He doesn't usually hate people on the forums, but has a strong dislike for thecoolweapon4 and FlaminMetal. He isn't very fond of being involved in flame wars, but if it is again the two aforementioned, he'll constantly badger them.

When Foxerz posts theads, it is common to see him posting "Ask me anything" or "Q&A" threads, as he gets enjoyment from answering questions. He is more of a replying type of forumer than a thread creator.

When asked about his best friends on the entirety of ROBLOX were, he said that only two users he really liked were Pedquin and Captain_Falcon. The reason why he chose only those two forumers were because they were the only ones to talk to him alot or play games on ROBLOX with him frequently.

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