Furga000, or as he is currently known as, ElectrikFish, is a semi-active OTer.

Off Topic

Furga000 began lurking on OT in mid 2012, and started posting few weeks after. He never got much attention, and to this day is still barely known, but made several friendships there. He was terminated for making a thread with content deemed as innuendo, and began posting as ElectrikFish. After that incident, he kept foruming on OT for quite a while, but started becoming less and less active, finally leaving. After several months he made a return, but then became inactive again. He has a generally negative outlook on the OT community.


Furga000 is usually either nice and caring or apathetic and ironic, and occasionally acts intentionally edgy.

Hobbies and interests

Furga000 spends most of his time on Reddit, talking over Skype, playing vidya, posting on OT, writing or watching cartoons. He has several favorite shows, such as Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Durarara!!. He also enjoys a wide variety of music genres, some of which are classical, chiptune, metal, jazz, swing, electro swing, and electro, but he doesn't go out of his way to purposefully listen to music.

(Un)Fun facts 

  • He is known for being capable of accelerating cactus evolution with his DICK.
  • He is a filthy weeaboo.
  • He loves many different shows as much as a brony would love MLP, yet still hates bronies.
  • He has biased opinions.
  • He hates memes, but tends to ironically use them.

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