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Fwendsh1p/No_drinks is an RTer

He has a youtube channel,

He first joined ROBLOX as Nathan22587 (later xXNathanPwnzXx) on 3/23/2015, mostly playing games, However, his account only lasted 70 days before being scammed by a user known as KeroroGunso2016. (This is confirmed by this:

After getting scammed, he created 100+ alternate accounts (Ex: SealoftheNavy,AbandonedWatermelon) before creating Fwendsh1p.

He quit on August 2015 before rejoining on 10/10/2015.

He joined the forums in the spring of 2016, shortly after changing his name to No_drinks (he had a friend named No_food at the time) He accumulated, currently, 1875 posts over 6 months.

On September 21, 2016, he was banned for an unknown time, for an unknown reason.

As of November 17, 2016, No_drinks has, for all intents and purposes, become permanently inactive and should be declared Quit/Terminated/Dead (see Relations with other ROBLOX users)

Relations with other ROBLOX Users


Claimed to be friends with No_drinks.


Claims No_drinks was her "stalker" (claims similar to this have been made as far back as AbandonedWatermelon(6/1/2015)) Might secretly wish to kill No_drinks. (Hence possible dead classification)


Former Co-Owner/Leader of said user's fan group. Group also formerly affiliated with FallDreamer, who supposedly left the group after No_drinks took her place (in rank) Has possibly been affiliated with group since inception in 4/2015 (as Nathan22587)


Permanent high-ranking member of said user's group.


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