GR33NTHUNDAH (Now 1GR33NTHUNDAH) is was a well known OT'er with over 14k posts. She is most famously known for her Portal ramblings and posts about Nazis. Her account GR33NTHUNDAH was deleted on October 9th, 2013.

GR33N's Posts

GR33NTHUNDAH's style of posting has fluctuated throughout her time on the forums. In her early years, she posted almost nothing except Portal. All day. Every day. Soon, she began posting more about TF2 and other Valve titles, along with My Little Pony. She considers this phase of her time to be "more likely to give you Cancer than both of the atomic bombings of Japan combined".

However, today, not much has changed in the style of posting, but more of what is posted. GR33N now posts mostly about politics, World War II, and social problems. She is easily baited by threads pertaining to these subjects. She also will never stop posting about Josef Mengele. Every day until you like it.

The Broccoli Reich

The Broccoli Reich ("Reich's Broccolis" was the first name) is a group first advertised by GR33N on OT. It was based off of the video "Fegelein has turned the entire bunker into broccoli", and many OTers joined. After her deletion in October, Reich's Broccoli's was put into force-care by an inactive member to restrict someone from reviving the group. After getting BC on her new account, GR33N made a new group; Broccoli Reich, to replace it. Soon, that was also deleted. Many mockups of the group have been made, including one that actually had turned into a super-serious WWII group, all with the same purpose of raiding other much larger groups for the lulz.

Alternative Accounts

GR33NTHUNDAH has an extensive stash of alts, adding up to a total of over 110 accounts (as of 4/12/15). Most of them have names that come off as fairly obvious to who owns them (HitlerDidNoWrong, HoneyNutGestapos), but some aren't as straightforward. There are quite a few namesnipes in this group, including Justice4Trayvon, HotTwerk, NurembergTrials, JUEW, DashconBallpit, and GOPteens.


  • Posting on OT
  • Building in Roblox Studio or Sandbox
  • Playing SFOTHIV
  • Looking for pictures of Josef Mengele
  • Waiting for the Happening
  • Not being productive
  • Playing TTR
  • Complaining about the current state of /pol/ ("It's shit.")

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