The GREEN MAN GROUP (stylized as green man group) is a controversial alt-comedy collective comprised of sensitive introverts interested in making OT a safer place. The group actively fights: Trolls, ODers, RTers, LMADers, parents, and Vineshroom; and have been doing so since 2008. Many OTers see the GREEN MAN GROUP as one of the pillars in the community, praised for their sense of humour and antics, while others see it as consisting of nothing but obnoxious trolls and social justice warriors. The collective has been seen as largely influential in the field of post-modern OT, being cited as an major influence by po-mo OTers like Heartstrings, EXcellent, Qwazola, chesse20, and boeing717.

On 10/26/17, the green man group has been locked.

Notable Members

  • cruzymudwulf (founding)
  • hambert
  • fef3
  • biggytalls
  • Heartstrings (current leader)
  • EXcellent
  • littlestray
  • ottercookies
  • studcase
  • Skreench
  • BeauNavire
  • AncientBoots
  • Bad_Post
  • bakestaybed
  • itaots
  • Phabulous
  • py07
  • makizi99
  • Squidfid
  • WhippedCream2
  • tobaccofreemom
  • cyclone945
  • Poobly
  • CliffPajamas
  • ashley544
  • reeb
  • DOL_T
  • babylotion
  • thediamondlava
  • spookled

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