Original Main Disaster 

Gamelon's old main joined in March 2011. It was later terminated in 2012 and she decided to use her alt, used for trolling, Yellowguy9999, later known as "Gamelon"..


Just like a lot of other people, Gamelon posted her first thread around Egg Hunt 2013, and never returned, that is, until August of 2013. she began to post on Off Topic, generally annoying a lot of people, she isn't decent right now, nor will she ever be, however, she is getting "better".

Currently, she has 4K posts, going onto 5K.

The Noob Team

Gamelon had made a group with a group of her friends, calling it the "Noob Team", the group mainly focuses on Personal Servers, QOD's and fair communication, generic, but enjoyable.

Gamelon is usually in the "Noob" skin, wearing a cog tshirt with the letter "g" on it. She usually, if not always, carries around the Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff, as an mento from her days as a pirate.. I guess. That or it's jusy snazzy. She also usually wears "Red and Black" hair, along with "Road-Trippin' Shades". 

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