GamermanNotHacked is known by a small amount of OTers. He calls them his "close friends." He's been a one hit wonder in Janurary-Februrary 2017 with a thread reaching 112 replies, but he quickly fell in popularity.

GamermanNotHacked's posts usually are survey questions, fill in the blank games, and updates on his life. These threads may get many views, but not as many responses. However, he's one of the nicest and least controversial OTers since he doesn't like to state his opinions as much. He only does it on his alternate accounts to stay safe.

Due to his lack of receiving attention, he desperately re-bumps his old threads to stir some conversation. He also bumps inappropriate threads just to see OT get "nostalgic" and start more flamewars. His plans are ineffective though.

GamermanNotHacked's username was once commonly misspelled as GermanNotHacked. As a result, he made an account named "GermanNotHacked." He forgot about this account until 2016 where he revived it. Later in 2016 and in early 2017, he made an exponential amount of alternate accounts. First came the G countries following "NotHacked," then alternate accounts parodying legoseeds username. Next came multiple variations of casarela's, a nice OTer that became inactive misspelled username. On carasela, he'd act like casarela as if he was transgender. He parodied UnknownShopper, Gordon Ramsay, SomewhatAnonymous, and MeepCity. He created a page stretcher username, and took several 4-letter namesnipes afterwards. He made alts replacing the i's in people's usernames with lowercase L's and vice versa. He also made alts from certain places around the world. In March-April he made around 30 alts of other countries followed by "NotHacked."

After Gamerman reached 10,000 posts, he switched to GermanNotHacked so he could get 10K posts there.

Termination of Alts

  • GamermanNo - GamermanNotHacked changed the password of this account to 5544332211ytrewq and spread it all over the forums. Many people abused the account therefore it was terminated.
  • Gamer4PiYeHa - This alternate account was deleted for a thread about making babies with random OTers.
  • BumpBotNote - This was accidentailly mistaken for a bot and it got terminated

Controversial Topics

When it comes to controversial topics like gender roles, religion, or politics, here's what GamermanNotHacked says:



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