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Giantsashavor as of November 2014

  Giantsashavor, (Giant-Sasha-Vor) has been on OT from 2013 to 2016 with over 7000+ posts and is on the OT IRL Album. He is one of the tallest OTers (If not the tallest standing at 6'7)

Foruming Attitude on OT

Giantsashavor is known for making flame bait, bumping flame wars, vocalizing unpopular opinions, taking bait, and participating in most outrageous flame war "discussions". Giantsashavor is also somewhat of a whiteknight.

Notable Achievements

His "You think ROBLOX Copied Minecraft? Think Again!" flame war thread had 314 replies, and a shocking amount of "1 time posters" contributing huge replies. Also wrote two bonuses, and has been banned over 60 times on his main account.

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