Giftbox24 is an obscure OTer. Giftbox24 can be seen on Off Topic, occasionally during weekends and holidays. Because of these inconsistent visits to the forums, and possibly the existance of numbers in giftbox24's name, he is not well known.

He often tells others that he is "phone," a reference to the "Who was phone?" badfic, which his signature in 2012 alluded to. Alternatively, when OTers talk about age, he says that he is dead and that he was buried with his laptop in a graveyard next to a 24/7 cafe. When giftbox24 participates in scenario threads, he usually says "eat x," where "x" is something mentioned in the thread. Giftbox24 advocates the value of post quality over post count and will sarcastically tell others to make a lot of posts and "do their part as an OTer." Bashing online daters and fandoms is an activity that giftbox24 frowns upon.

Giftbox24's personality varies, but not as much as other popular OTers. Generally, his attitude in posts are happy-go-lucky, or sometimes unconfident, for comedic effect. When there is an OTer he does not agree with, he will sometimes use a sarcastic tone. However, he will forgive most OTers that he has fights with. Sometimes giftbox24 draws other OTers on sketchtoy. Another thing he enjoys doing is posting humorous or satircal stories that are usually very lengthy. 

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