Godzilla2321 is an OT'er who joined in early 2009 and has more than 10k posts. He currently wears a WWII

Infantry Hat and his Midnight Shades. The hats are also his signature hats.

Facts about this lil' guy.

Joined ROBLOX in the spring of 2009. (April 17,2009)

He's nice to anyone who seems to be good.

He's a good OT'er but he might crappost when he's bored.

He is sensitive so don't expect much when he's edgy.

His Forum Life.

He joined the ROBLOX Forums around early November in 2012.

Also one of his first posts began in Off Topic and I Made That.

Later on,he joined OT and seemed to just stay there until he reached 7k posts. That's when he explored the rest of the forums.

Now these days,he's no more.

Disliked/Ignored/Don't care OT'ers

Honorable/Mentioned/Liked OT'ers

Fun facts about this guy.

He's a Godzilla,Jurassic Park, and Filthy Frank fan.

He's never been shipped with any other person in ROBLOX. (What a record for a person who has 10K)

He's an american. Living in Texas.

His favorite sports team is the Mexico national football team. (no era penal!)

One of his first posts in Off Topic was in a scam thread. That's when he got his first taste of edgyness.

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