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GoodDysfunctional (from the Esperantingreenlandic word "GoodDysfunctia" meaning "retard") is an OTer. His famous feats are being an OTer. In fact, There is not much known about this OTer other than that he likes inanimate objects very much


Before GoodDysfunctional was an OTer, He was first a chemical weapons scientist during the Cold War, Working for the Soviet Union, GoodDysfunctional was near the top of NATO's list of people to kill become they are goddamn commies. Some say he caused the Chernobyl incident because he was researching things going boom.

After the Soviet Union collapsed. He tested his secret project to make himself younger in 2002. Causing him to revert back to the form of a baby. Following commands in GoodDysfunctional's last will before he turned into a baby, His team of Scientists threw him into a ship and then he was sailed to the Philippines, A land of corruption and is a hellhole in general.

After finding himself a family, GoodDysfunctional went on to be an incredible procrastinator. He can be found commonly on his computer constantly doing things on the internet, There are numerous cases where he was found lurking around DeviantArt and Reddit.

On the rare time he is actually found outside, He could often be seen bored to death or running around fields.


On a fateful day in April 2016, GoodDysfunctional was unfairly deleted for hate speech. GoodDysfunctional begged over and over again but the appeals system was tough. Even though he gave a good reason why he posted hate speech, It was a simple decline. Nothing. The last words GoodDysfunctional said to the mods was "Well screw you too. Dick.".



GoodDysfunctional is an OTer in ROBLOX, You may know that by now. His current reputation in ROBLOX Is [UNKNOWN], He has done many things in ROBLOX, Including but not limited to:

  • Made a "brief" history of the USA so that your saved from the boredom of history class
  • Once made several people suggest "Syria Tycoon" in a suggestion for tycoons in a thread
  • Being an OTer in general


GoodDysfunctional's username in DeviantArt is HerpDerp1337lawl (he greatly regrets his choice of name.). GoodDysfunctional's current reputation in DeviantArt is [NEGATIVE]. He has been known for taking down several underaged users, Both well known and loved in his home community. And so he was hated for that, Yet he doesnt really care. Hes also known to draw really bad, As seen from his DeviantArt gallery, And also as a note, He is in the Object Show Community, Also known as the OSC, Which is one of the worst fandoms in existence.


GoodDysfunctional's username in Reddit is GoodDysfunctional (exactly the same). GoodDysfunctional's reputation in Reddit is [NEUTRAL]. There is not much known about his behavior in Reddit asides from he lurks in the following subreddits:

  • r/ShittyMapPorn
  • r/Polandball
  • r/Vexillology

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