–- Grayssake ever since May 2014

How he found ROBLOX

Around October 14th 2009, when he was 7, he ended up getting banned from Club Penguin, getting sick of it, he wanted to try creating his own game, so he searched "make your own game" on Google, the first result was ROBLOX, he clicked it and signed up for an account


Around early April 2012, he was stupid enough to give away his password to someone else, it took him several months to recover the account, ever since that experience, he never gives out his password to anyone

Discovering The Forums

Around early April 2012, he started foruming on S&I and MT, and eventually, OT, seeing how he was new, he acted pretty stupid and was infamous for quite a while and minimodded ot for a little bit also before eventually maturing up a little bit once he recovered his account


On March 25th 2014, one of his threads had been deleted, minutes afterwards, the account was deleted, he tried to get it back by seding 3 appeals, all 3 were declined, He currently forums on OT again

The deletion

Quitting OT

Getting sick of OT raiding YES! Magazine, he decided to quit OT and move to RT, he was in RT for two months and now forums in OT again


  • Ween
  • Vinesauce
  • The Godfather
  • Guitar
  • Music (Mostly rock)
  • Tracking tropical cyclones
  • Monty Python


  • He is one of the few OT'ers who are 12
  • He also has autism
  • He somewhat has a fear of about everything that can bite and sting, even worse if it's venomous
  • He currently learns the guitar and plans on starting a band once done learning the guitar
  • He did once love pop music for a while before becoming a fan of dadrock before liking what he likes today

?ynop ym pleh esaelp uoy dluow ,retsiM

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