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GreenShaman is an OTer with 17,480 posts as of 04-03-2016. He is fairly well known to older, and slightly newer OTers, his activity is slightly active, posting about every other day. To this day, he is semi-active but is often found in the various OT tinychat rooms.

He prefers to be called Shaman instead of Green. yet everyone calls him Green.


GreenShaman started out as an S&Ier and eventually got bored of it, believing that there were no decent ideas. And so he moved to OT around late 2010 and soon became an OTer. He was fairly well known in the OT tinychat rooms when they were still frequented often.

Personality & Alts

GreenShaman also enjoys roleplaying, but not on the forums. He rarely forums on C&G and S&I now and forums more often on OT. He plays World of Warcraft. So far he hasn't officially confirmed any of his alts. It's assumed that the account GreenSheman is also his. He also is known for having an anti-C&G and ATR stance. He often has bad blood with former OTers turned C&Gers whom come back to OT. He also has a strong disdain for baiting, and has even created his own baiting guide.


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