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GuestsLovePizza (also known as iMrDuck, Asterily or CRYSTALLlZED) is an OTer who joined ROBLOX around August 2010 and joined Off Topic in August 2012. He currently has 14K+ in his post count. His new account is now CRYSTALLlZED due he got terminated (5 times), he's not that active and not a lot of people recognize him (even though people hated on his edgy threads)

GuestsLovePizza used to post a lot in RT but he got bored of it and decided to move to OT.


GuestsLovePizza got terminated early 2014 when he posted an offsite link in a thread which leaded to a weird reddit subforum. iMrDuck got terminated for posting bait and getting mass reported and Asterily got terminated for unknown reasons. After he got terminated he decided to take a long break from ROBLOX. after a year he decided to come back, created a new account.. and well.. he kinda got terminated again, so he took yet another long break.

After a 3-year hiatus, GuestsLovePizza made his shocking return to ROBLOX and Off Topic in January 2017 as CRYSTALLlZED.

His only not terminated accounts are HolaLobo, Requested_Page and CRYSTALLlZED

GuestsLovePizza/Asterily's Accounts

  • GuestsLovePizza
  • Asterily
  • iMrDuck
  • TheChickenCat
  • ThatNoobAteMyBurger
  • numerousekiller3
  • RIPGuestsLovePizza
  • GlNKO
  • MyCatLovesToEatTacos
  • BreakingTheRules
  • AsterilyOTLurkingAcc
  • JohnnyGotHisGun
  • PizzaOnTheTable
  • Requested_Page (Current Alt #1)
  • HolaLobo (Current Alt #2)
  • CRYSTALLlZED (Current Main)


  • Currently lives in Mexico
  • Likes to trashpost and bait
  • His favorite bands include Gorillaz, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Blur and (kinda) likes Twenty One Pilots
  • Loves wrestling, this includes WWE, ROH and NJPW
  • He is 15 years old
  • He is a nice person

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