Halo5307 is a long running OTer clocking at 4 years now. Halo has been involved in so many damn incidents its pretty hard to keep track, but was mainly involved in the xxKaityln vs OT incident. Over all accounts, Halo has over 10,000 posts. Some of Halo's hobbies include photoshop, vocaloid, coding, modding, and playing videogames.

Favorite ban message


  • xxKaitlyn VS OT
  • OTermanition Days 1-3
  • Starbucks raid of 2014
  • Frappe
  • LGBT incident
  • ATR vs OT
  • RT vs OT
  • Bots vs OT
  • loleris flamewar
  • Paris thread megadeletion
  • Fadious vs Femaleguest
  • Doxing of toysackboy
  • CRT incident
  • Tickets riot
  • eggrolls pizza spam attack
  • First victim of what would become OTermination day 5
  • halotermination
  • tiger incident of 2015


  • He doesn't try to get into incidents, he just happens to be on when they happen
  • Alakazard taught him the wonders of lua and dll injection
  • The only time he has gotten banned from an incident was fadious vs female, which was 12 15 concurrent days
  • Created a filterpass once

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