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== harleybog6 ==

Harleybog6 has been an OTer since 2013. He has dank memes are are danker and dankness themselves. He also likes rage comic memes. are those old.

Present Day

-He joined the forums 2013.

-His siggy is "-If you hate my stuff, shut up and do better". He had this for since 2014. He stopped using it in 2016.

-He "accidently" started a raid on F.E.A.R.

-Isn't famous

-Dislikes Architect of Eden

-Love Avecy

-Hates Boostmojis

-Has a popular Disaster Hotel game that I copied and put on Xbox One on the day you could put your games on the xbox one. Plus I had to actually be in the game or else no one would survive and I did not make any profit in the game because TIX got removed or else I would have made around 25k tickets.

-Owns black iron antlers

Harleybog6 Present day
-His Computer Rig: GTX 970m. I7-6700HQ. 16 GB ram. 5200 RPM HDD. -Only thing in his collections is a Festive Monster (around 600 sold) and black iron antlers (they are antlers)

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