Heartstrings is perhaps the most notorious and well-known OTer of all time, having posted regularly since 2010 on the Off Topic forum on a string of different accounts and causing a major controversy nearly every year since. Heartstrings' favorite forum hobbies are posting threads about technology, and interacting with her friends on the forum. She is known for her lengthy debates and her threads about Linux and Apple Products.

Nude Pics Incident of 2011

In Spring 2011, she posted fake nudes of herself that she found on 4chan. The nudes were of a woman who was over the age of 18 but were purported them to be her own.

Present Activity (2017)

Heartstrings currently resides on Roblox News & Discussion subsequent to the "forum upgrade". She creates threads talking about how she despises video games (and gamers) and this is also seen in her replies while she is online. On top of this she also likes insulting people who have Builders Club memberships, as she considers spending money on robux and BC to be a waste.

She is rumored a troll for participating in many big flame-wars however she denies this claim and says that she is just stating facts.

She also teases the younger people on the forum by calling them "noobs" and making fun of any grammar mistakes they post such as mixing up "your" with "you're".

Following this she is also active on her twitter account @laheartstrings and uses it to boast about the flame wars she participates in.

Other Information

Heartstrings is currently 20 years old, meaning she created her first account when she was 12. She is currently most active on her recently created account "Mikuchan", and other accounts she is active on can be found below. As she refuses to buy Robux or Builders Club, you will always see her in free clothing on her accounts unless it has been given to her from another user, such as replace or if she has been given a roblox card for her own account.

Known Accounts

  • Activationlock (Deleted)
  • icloudrestore (Deleted)
  • valleyoftears (Deleted)
  • volverseloca (Deleted)
  • knewwhatshewanted (Deleted)
  • lanadelreyhey (Deleted)
  • themgreysweats (Deleted)
  • ladulcevida (Deleted)
  • Dulcchina (Deleted)
  • iphoneos1 (Deleted)
  • iphoneos2 (Deleted)
  • iphoneos4 (Deleted)
  • seerichie (Deleted)
  • watchos2 (Deleted)
  • nuestroenfado (Deleted)
  • whydidyoustop (Deleted)
  • whatmakesusgreat (Deleted)
  • PrettiestFlower (Deleted)
  • applemacprotest (Deleted)
  • meachair (Deleted)
  • mike_love (Active)
  • we_pwn (Deleted)
  • hambertxl (Deleted)
  • milseachd (Deleted)
  • echester (Inactive/locked but not deleted; a 2006 account rumored to be PGed)
  • pies_apetosos (Deleted)
  • pixarlane (Deleted)
  • widaj (Deleted)
  • bridgeton Deleted)
  • bigdiapers (Deleted)
  • 3dfilm (Deleted)
  • mega_dumps (Deleted)
  • cuteloIi (Deleted)
  • big_dump (Deleted)
  • anti_fascism (Deleted)
  • blood_pee (Deleted)
  • caca_poo (Deleted)
  • coolstars44 (Deleted)
  • Mikuchan (Deleted)
  • heich (active)
  • oppai_milk (active)

Note: this is by no means an exhaustive list and 99% of the accounts listed are from 2012 and before. Current user accounts can be found in the GREEN MAN GROUP.

Due to forums closing, Heartstrings now plays (Roblox) games such as Anarchy and Natural Disaster Survival with friends, teasing players that fall into the categories of oder noobs and/or mad kids.