He has the personality of an average roblox 2009. He always posts old and stale jokes like "Epic Face," and "TEH EPIK DUCK IS COMING!!!!1!11." He can be serious on certain occasions, but usually purely makes jokes from 2009-2010.

Hatred for UnderTale

He often rants over UnderTale and usually protests it when he sees someone praising it. This has resulted in many users disliking him for this reason.

Controversy with Ksirahc

On 6/8/16, in "The Kingdom" (an OT DubTrack room), HeyWatchYoMouth accused Ksirahc of being a pedophile, resulting in a huge portion of OT losing all respect they had for him. He threatened suicide and said things like "I hope you all have slow and painful deaths" or "I wish you were never alive." The next day, on 6/9/2016, HeyWatchYoMouth had deleted one of Ksirahc's queued videos for breaking the rules and being too long, and ksirahc decided to threaten suicide and, once again, screamed over "the room thinking i'm a pedophile," even after HeyWatchYoMouth had apologized and explained that it was a joke blown out of proportion.

As of 6/26/16, HeyWatchYoMouth still dislikes ksirahc due to the events of 6/9/16.

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