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Hivebent is a fairly well known OT'er. She is not very liked by many, but is okay with some.

The Start

Hivebent started OT'ing around Summer 2013. She acted like a typical newbag around then, since she was still an OD'er and used emoticons and the like. She started by her first username, hma2010.

When she was becoming more known, she was under the name Toolitia and/or Nullsin.

OT Skype Chat

She is the co-owner of Paradogma's exclusive OT Chatroom. Some incidents happen there sometimes, but they remain private. Paradogma and Hivebent took over the AsheinVI OT Chatroom.


Hivebent is female biologically, but demigender physically. She mostly dresses as a girl, though. Hivebent has been involved in many incidents, most likely will be involved in more, knowing the troublemaker she is.

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