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Hotshot007 is an OTer who is oftenly found posting non-sense on the OT forums. He is known for using his alt

Arandomposter to cause havoc on OT through many tactics. He is somewhat famous, but is probably mostly known for the OT RPG that he is working on. (Although slowly at this point).

Hotshot007, a few months ago, posted a bunch of video retaining to progress on the OT RPG, just to prove he was working on it, he stopped this, to not spoil the whole game before it comes out.

Of course he gave the beta to his friend Samiam2001 and he completely crushed a lot of what James had planned, due to him streaming the entire game to OT, and leaked pretty much everything (although including fake leaks).

Hotshot007 had an obsession with a Nintendo character like how some OTers did.

Hotshot007 is liked by most of the OT community and hardly gets banned. Usually, he makes whimsical posts. He says there's an account called Minuspower which pluspower calls "my evil clone" or something along the lines of that. The best part is that they often rival against each other, which is quite entertaining. By now.

He also claims to have over 60 alts (if you want the list don't be afraid to message him)

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