HumptydaShed is the beautiful deleted account of coolalf35, HumptytheShed, Ryokyonz, Ryokyon and HTSVision. It is said that he has over 12.8k posts from ALL of his accounts, alts. His most common used alt is DefinatelyNotAnODer, which was also deleted.

His real life info consists of him being different characters, only 3 known in existence.

Macklin George (aka: me) is 17, german and a nice guy. This is him in real life, but he is cruel sometimes...

GEORGE is a deceased (but alive after the georgevasion) 42 year old man, sounding like Jesus, he died for all the george's sins. (See Georgevasion)

Hypocrite Faggot Little Girl is a 7 year old cu-hypocrite idiot who does nothing but love Winx Club and judge people.


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