MuffledSpeech, previously known as IDTalk, is a well known (even infamous) OTer who showed up in OT in mid-2012. She is mostly known for her attention seeking, hypocrisy, and of course, the Bunny Incident. 


Muffled usually adds humor to her posts, and even has been known to trashpost at times. She almost always types with little grammatical correctness, unless talking about something serious. She's known for being very emotional and impulsive, and gets into arguments easily. Part of this is simply her personality, and part is due to her mental disorders. (She is diagnosed with BPD and bipolar, and also suffers from social anxiety.) She has, in the past, used this as an excuse for her actions, but thankfully doesn't anymore. 

Early Days

She first joined Roblox on April 9th, 2012 as IDTalk. She found the forums sometime later in the year. She quickly became a regular poster and established herself as an edgy attention seeker. She frequently got into flamewars, talked a lot about her mental disorders and violent urges, etc. This all came to a head in March of 2013 when the infamous Bunny Incident happened.

The Bunny Incident
It was late March, 2013, close to Easter. Roblox user bunnywumpkins showed up in one of the ot_chatrooms on tinychat, and began stripping for the small amount of people there. IDTalk was present for this, and soon made a thread on OT directing everyone to come see for themselves. Dozens of OTers showed up to watch the show, and for a while all was well -- or as well as things can be for a minor stripping for 20 or so other minors. For some reason that IDTalk herself didn't even know, she decided to begin insulting Bunny. "Drink bleach", "Kill yourself", "You're a whore", etc. She spammed the chat with insults. Bunny understandably became visibly upset, even stopping the show. Then she did the unthinkable. She cut herself on the thigh, live on camera, in front of dozens of OTers. She left the chatroom shortly after.
The Aftermath
Obviously since OT had never seen anything like that before, everyone freaked out. The whole front page was filled with threads about the incident. IDTalk especially was gloating about what she had done. This went on until the next morning, when mods came in and started banning everyone who spoke of it. For a while, IDTalk denied doing anything wrong, blaming Bunny for all that had happened. Some OTers agreed, but others shamed her for what she did. Eventually IDTalk apologized publicly on OT. Bunny was not present (She has rarely come online since then) so IDTalk was mostly just apologizing to OT for appearance's sake. Things quieted down.
It is coming up on three years since the infamous incident took place, and OT has far from forgotten it. Over the years, IDTalk (or Muffled, as she was deleted on 6/21/2013 and then re-made as MuffledSpeech on 6/26/2013) has apologized numerous times, even sincerely apologizing to Bunny herself. 

She was forgiven, and has since declared that she has changed and grown as a person, and will never do what she did to Bunny ever again. So far she has held up her promise; She has not bullied a user so severely since that incident all those years ago. While she has gotten in many arguments and even insulted OTers, it has never gotten as bad as it was back then.
Despite this fact, OT loves to bring up the incident as often as they can, especially when engaged in an argument with Muffled. Some OTers criticize those who do this, telling them  to let it go. Muffled has repeated this as well. But a lot of OTers deliberately bring it up, whether in an attempt to anger Muffled or to tell newcomers to the forum so the incident can be passed down to them. Muffled has recently taken to laughing it off and telling people to get over it, which has led some people to believe she doesn't feel any remorse over it anymore, or is even the same as she was back then. In response to this, Muffled said,
ok u know what

im so done with this honestly how dare u accuse me of being the same i do not bully people anymore, i do not say things deliberately to hurt people, i am not violent towards people, i do not harass people, i am not edgy or rude or ANYTHING unless someone acts that way towards me first, and even then, i can be rude depending on what they say but i have NEVER been unnecessarily cruel to anyone and ABSOLUTELY NEVER bullied another person like i used to since the incident. i have changed myself so much and grown as a person and apologized COUNTLESS TIMES but no one is ever happy are they? i apologize to the girl i actually hurt and wish her well in life? doesnt matter. i apologize directly to ot even though none of you deserve it because YOU were not affected by it? doesnt matter. i spend that whole year after the incident bettering myself and unlearning nasty behavior? doesnt matter. what does matter though? that its two god damn years later and ive moved on with my life and im sick of hearing about it so i say to get over it. THATS what you people focus on. THATS all you see. theres no pleasing you.

–MuffledSpeech, in response to BotaTheNext on a thread

MuffledSpeech Rises

After taking time to focus on changing her attitude, many OTers saw the change in Muffled and began liking her again. She went from infamous to simply well-known and liked. It was clear by her posting style that she was more relaxed and open. She made plenty of OTer lists and gained new friendships. Unfortunately, this only lasted so long before it all came crashing down. 

...And Falls

During mid-late 2013, Muffled began having very public drama within her circle of friends on OT. Most notably her drama with Moonlight9989 and Super64. ODing was involved, (She and Moon first began having a fake OT wedding, which then progressed into real dating) which crashed and burned as an ugly public fight that dragged on. Also during this time, Muffled was attention seeking constantly. She made various suicidal posts and even posted a suicide thread at one point. Of course she came back the next day. OT was getting tired of her antics and began to hate her again. Many of her friendships fell apart.

Rising Again

2014 brought change for Muffled. She cut back on the attention seeking and took up trashposting instead. Threads about "taco bell farts" and many, many "how are u ot" threads soon became the norm for her. While many OTers were annoyed by this, many others grew to like her humor, and her threads usually reached 2-5 pages. This non-serious, friendly type of behavior continued for much of 2014. And then like always, it fell through.

Boy She Sure Does Fall A lot

Mid-2014 brought more attention seeking. She began talking about mental breakdowns frequently. She was angered easily and took part in countless flamewars. She was quickly losing the little respect she had gained.

At one point, she was very into making PBS parties. However, she would place rules on them. She claimed her PBS was for "homies only" and that if she didn't know who you were or you annoyed her, you could be put in the jail or kicked/banned. This caused a lot of fuss from OTers who felt they had been wrongfully punished. Still, despite the criticism, she usually had a good amount of people building there.

In the later half of 2014, MuffledSpeech became a target of Ahhleah/Ahhtree. For whatever unknown reason, he decided to bully her by spamming whale insults about her almost every single day, and every time he saw her. This went on for months, even gaining followers who went along with the whale bandwagon. Muffled became so distraught over this she eventually took a break from OT in September of 2014. Ahhtree moved to RT and the whale bandwagon disappeared.

Where Is She Now?

Muffled returned to OT in January 2015, first only posting very rarely, and then doing so more and more often. Upon returning, OT noticed how chill she had gotten, and even zacmaq remarked,

IDTalk got cool. weird how far people can change from 'i luv u bby~~<3' to posting intelligent stuff in such a short period of time.

–zacmaq's quote from a thread

That was early this year. Now Muffled can be seen every few days, usually during Night OT, sometimes making threads or responding to others. She has still gotten in arguments at times, but it is not nearly as severe, and she tends not to take them too seriously. She has grown a lot over the years, and while she's far from perfect, she is simply trying her best to live her life while getting therapy and taking medications to help keep her disorders in check.

Fun Facts

  • The name "IDTalk" is based on a second channel name for her old 9th grade band called Isolated Dementia. No, it was not successful.
  • She has a somewhat popular youtube channel here , though she hasn't uploaded anything in six months.

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