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iDarrick is a slightly active, OTer. He's not known throughout the entirety of Off Topic, but a lot of people know him. He's known for a few threads that are considered 'overly edgy' such as his "scenario: god exists," then claiming it to be a joke of sorts. He enjoys teasing the ROBLOX Moderators, and has been given a warning 6 times, and has been given 5 bans.

Game Development

iDarrick is currently the lead developer for the adventure platformer, An Adventurer's Soul: Rise of Leemender. It is currently friends only access.


  • He's stated in several threads that he has Gender Dysphoria.
  • Currently, he wants to be addressed with male pronouns.
  • His "Official" OT Nickname, decided by an L2D thread, is Urinal Quickscoper.
  • He is bisexual.
  • His siggy is "Official Urinal Quickscoper of OT"

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