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On April 4th 2016, user 'DominusTrex' was suspended from twitter. He wasn't very happy about that, and started gaining access to accounts and using them for spamming Off-Topic with massive page stretchers. As of 9/11/2016, DominusTrex and other users are still periodically spamming Off-Topic (and other forum categories) with iPad Bots.

About the iPad Bot

The iPad Bot is a bot that spams a couple of randomly generated words with 'ipad' at the end of the words following with a massive ~20,000 line page stretcher capable of crashing your web browser and ruining threads.

The bots also (by default) include a feature where if a thread's title includes the phrase "#TREX" or "#DOMTREX" then the bot will not post in these threads.

The First iPad Bot Raid

The first iPad bot raid was using a basic version of the bot which would say one word followed with iPad and a page stretcher. This raid lasted for over 8 hours before moderators finally took action.

Other iPad Bot Raids

Since the initial raid, there have been several different times when iPad bots or modified versions of the iPad Bot have raided the forums.

DominusTrex supposedly planned to raid Off-Topic with over 100 iPad bots at once on 8/25/2016.

9/11 Bot Raid

DominusTrex posted on twitter that on the 11th of September, 2016, they would spam OT with bots. On that day, there were many page stretchers in thread titles. The title would contain a word, ipad after it, and then just space. The body of the thread would contain random words, most of them including 'happy 9/11 anniversary'. The poster would probably have the default 3.0 female avatar with random letters and numbers as a username. Many other sub-forums were raided as well, these are those sub-forums: ATR, RT, C&G and LMAD. Tense negotiations can be found here:

How Users Countered the Bots

OT'ers were making multiple threads complaining about the bots but the moderators seemed to ignore it.

Some OT'ers abused with a bug with the filter in which you couldn't reply to a thread with the Forum Subject, and then ( If a bot attempted to reply to one of these threads, it would be prevented from posting for 30 seconds. However, since the new filter was implemented on 8/23/2016, this method no longer works and OT'ers simply lock their threads.

Deletion of Innocent Threads

During the time of the first iPad bot raid, several innocent threads on Off-Topic were being deleted for an unknown reason. Some users speculate that the moderators were simply angry.

Release of the iPad Bot Code

A few days after the initial iPad bot raid, DominusTrex released the code for the iPad bots for free. Since then, a large amount of iPad Spambots, and modified versions of the iPad bot (such as the touhou bot) have been appearing across numerous subforums. Some users have removed the "#TREX / #DOMTREX" feature of the bot, allowing it to rampage in any thread.

Results of the iPad bots

Since the incident, the ROBLOX admins changed the forums so that newer accounts have a reCAPTCHA which they must solve to prove they are human. Additionally, the floodcheck timer was increased to 60 seconds temporarily and accounts under 14 days old cannot post.

the ROBLOX moderators have also been considerably more strict towards bots and will ban them much faster than before.

A new Off-Topic 'meme' has also sprouted since the incident, in which people say 'cuban ipad' when spamming.

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