"Me IRL" Threads/"X" IRL Threads is an OT Fad in which a certain OT'er decides to post their face or another OT'ers. Sometimes OT'ers will release sets of OT'ers IRL's, usually called OT IRL Albums.

Actual IRL's

Actual IRL's are when the user posts a real life picture of their face. Sometimes they'll do it at a certain number of replies of such. It could be considered flamebait if it appears they are seeking for attention of ugly, ect.

Other OTer's IRL

An Other OTer's IRL is an OT Fad of posting supposed IRL pictures of another infamous/famous OT'er, usually a joke image based off of the respect the certain OT'er has, or an actual IRL image that was posted for whatever reason.

Joke IRL's

Joke IRL's are IRL threads in which the original poster, instead of posting a picture of their actual face, posts a joke picture, usually of a celebrity or fictional character or something that is considered disgusting or ugly..

OT Album

An OT Album is an image gallery of many supposed and actual IRL's/selfies of OT'ers, some jokes, and much more of them actual IRL images of the said OT'er.

Due to the original one created in 2013 being unmanaged anymore, a user called Edginess created a new album. However some users has criticized it, for like its predecessor, having many inactive or deleted accounts.

You can find the current OT Gallery here:

Another OT IRL Gallery is managed by cricket11, it has known to contain many current users to the subforum in 2016 rather than older ones which are still in Edginess' album. The album has been a huge success and also has a 25+ page thread. Here is the gallery:

Cricket says that he did this album "for fun" rather than it being an official album, but the fact that it contains many more relevant forumers and is updated far more often shows that it might as well be considered official.

There is another one, however it is not considered official. The link is here:

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