icrazy789 has been on Roblox since late 2010, though many consider him of 2011. Leader of the Confederacy of Independent States, he joined the OT forum full-time in early August 2013 (though seen several times before then). 

Brief History

icrazy789 joined Roblox on December 10, 2010. Though he did join in 2010, he is considered an 11'er since he joined so late in 2010. Early on icrazy was not a very active Robloxian, having less than 100 friends and only seen playing Heli-Wars: Desert Attack or Plane Wars. In late 2012, icrazy's active level heavly increased, rapidly gaining friends and seen in many games. In 2013, icrazy789 finally joined two groups, gained over 1500 friends, and began foruming in the Off Topic (OT) Forum. In 2014, although he claimed he never would, icrazy789 purchased Builders Club and formed a war and (according to icrazy) an "economics" clan called the Confederacy of Independent States (CIS).He has since captured and shut down 35 groups in the name of the CIS and is known to have sold at least 3 groups. 

In the OT Forum

icrazy789's earliest appearance in the OT forum was in mid-2011 when he randomly posted about 4 posts and left. In early August 2013, icrazy789 reamerged in the OT forum. He was new and, like all newbies, was not very welcomed, more rather disliked. icrazy789 slowly learned the ways of OT and slowly began to gain popularity. He  has become a well-known OT'er (possible even a lesser famous OT'er), though he is still hated by some. If icrazy has one trademark, it would be he is known to be in the heart of flame wars, especially religious ones. He never starts them but he keeps the flame going until he comes out on top or causes the other side to rage quit. 

Quick Facts


  • Joined December 10, 2010 
  • Status: Active
  • BC Status: Non-Builder's Club 
  • Forum Posts: 7,892 (as of 11/26/14)
  • Primary Group: Confederacy of Independent States
  • Alt's: 501stguy 


  • Birthday: October 16 
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States of America 
  • State: New Jersey
  • Passions; Roblox, Lego, Model Trains, Wepons, School, Sports,  Star Wars
  • Jobs: Landscaper, Mall Security Gaurd, Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Religion: Christian
  • Other Websites: Youtube,, Star Wars Wiki, OT Chatrooms