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Iluvmom2000 is a fairly well known OT'er. He joined OT in Summer 2012 and regularly pops in and out of OT.



His look slightly changes ever so often. His current look contain 3.0, and the hats 'Andrew's Beard, and John's Glasses'.

Real life info

The only thing known about him is what he looks like. His photo is uploaded on the OT'er in real life alubm.

Current Signature: "~ I'm not in danger, I am the danger | Alt of iluvmom2000, add 18k post~"


Current Alts

He uses one current alt at the moment, iluvmom2002.

Banned Alts

He has a list of ban alts, including iluvsnoopy2000, MissFrizzle, and ZaynDid911. His main account iluvmom2000 was banned February 2014.


His primary group, which contain alt information

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