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Originally known as "ExtremeValkyrie", "ExtremeValkyrieFG", and "MinecraftMasterRace" , he is well known for his 'edgy', and 'bait' posts. Originally entering OT as a female, he ended up making almost half of OT believe he was one.

Halfway through his posts, he started to like "AhhTree" for who he is. Praising him whenever he can, he also got a lot of hatred for this. Later on, he found out that AhhTree is Russiaboo on an ALT. This upset him, because he thought AhhTree was a person himself. After finding out AhhTree was Russiaboo, he posted a thread titled "Petition for AhhTree to be lynched". Of course, the mods did not like this and delete the thread, as well as banning Incomplete for 7 days.

Having stopped most of the edgy posts, he still frequently posts bait posts. A lot of people can't tell it's bait and take it seriously, such as the thread he posted asking "are cops allowed to eat bacon or is that cannibalism" (Calling cops pigs). This annoyed a few OTers, bringing on the hate and flaming.

Terminated in late July, Incomplete currently uses the user "MagicTomato" as his new main account.


Current confirmed ALT accounts are as follows:

  • Ashley8887
  • SlipperyLittleSnake
  • ALTofnormality
  • IncompleteALT
  • BanditoMandito123
  • JefferyDoesntKnow
  • JohnnyDoesntKnow

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