Cricket11, most commonly referred to by his current username (inpour) is an active OTer that joined in 2008. He has 16.7k posts on this account, but has 7k on his main alt (yurnt), and another 2k from other various alts. He isn't very involved with a lot of the OT "Drama", and has been known to state many times about its stupidity.


Back in 2008, cricket11 wasn't all too active, only occasionally playing games. In early 2009, however, he began to actively browse and post in RT (Which at that time was what ATR is now). He gradually gained a little bit of infamy for making quitting threads after almost every single ban he got, whether related to the forums or not. After the summer of 2011, he left since he was just beginning high school. He would log on occasionally to see what the site was like, but never actively posted on the forums.


He was inactive during this time


When cricket11 came back, instead of going back to RT, which was replaced by ATR, he began posting in OT. after a while, he began to get recognized. After he reached 10k posts, he said "my post quality can only go down from here" (citation needed). Ever since then, he has not posted anything of real substance. He is known to affiliate mostly with OTers that were around when he came back, like OTSpookySkeleton, chicka123, qwood, etc.

His friends list is very short, with a total of only 7. It consists of 2 "namesnipe" accounts and 4/5 OTers, all of which are most likely very good friends such as kistvaen, Halo5307 and Captain_Falcon.

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