Intent, also known as Place1111, is a long time OTer and close affiliate of Lumpytusk. He is notorious for having been the mastermind behind the FBI hoax during the Bunny Incident, the doxxer of JaredValdez, as well as the creator of his jeweled brainchild staple posts, such as "WOW TEENAGERS" and "Under 5k posts? Get out!" Much of his work was originally done on his first account, Intent, which was terminated during the Katz incident. He later moved on to using Place1111 as an account (after a hiatus of a few months). After that account was banned, he went rogue, creating over 100 accounts, all of which have been banned. It is speculated that he began posting in late 2010.

He currently plays on this MC server: [v1.7.2]

Bunny Incident

During the infamous Bunny Incident of 2013, Intent was the OTer that perpetrated the FBI investigation hoax. The hoax began with a post claiming that he had contacted the FBI about the images. Shortly after, an image was uploaded and posted on OT under the title of "HOLY CRAP I JUST GOT A FAX FROM THE FBI." The image was of a document - with the official seal of the FBI, claiming that an investigation of the incident was underway. The fallout of this was massive, spreading into other forums and lasted for around three to four hours before an insightful poster recognized that the signature on the faxed document was in fact the signature of the post office general.

In response to this, the image was promptly deleted.

Doxxing of JaredValdez

Intent is also responsible for having led the group that doxxed JaredValdez on October of 2012. The information gathered was images of Jared's house, his mothers name, their car insurance information, his school, and his address and telephone number. The documented information is still out there in the form a a script model, although not even Intent has claimed to have found it ever again after having that alt terminated.

Current Ventures

As of 2013, Intent has taken a different route by creating massive amounts of alts and reverting to lower level trolling. He typically posts the "WOW TEENAGERS" and "UNDER 5K POSTS? GET OUT!" threads, which typically receive up to 5 pages or more of commentary. It has, however, been quite some time since he last showed up under this post.


Intent (main)










ArchitectOfEden (current)

Other Miscellaneous Notes and Information

Intent is a huge fan of wine and whiskey. His stated favorite is Teroldego, with a runner up of Vouvray.

Favorite Wine:


No information

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