Qeography joined OT in around year 2013. His old main account (Quaranteed) got terminated for harassing players repeatedly. He sent an appeal but was rather rejected. He started using his alternate called "Mucilage". He continued to forum in OT 3 months after the ban. He later changed his name to Intralized then Qeography. He only comes to the off-topic subforum when he feels like it.


Intralized originally joined somewhere in 2009; where he wasn't registered yet. He would play ROBLOX with his sister while he was a Guest. In 2010, he finally created his first account called bon50 which he mainly played on for 2 and a half years. He created a new account because he was close to getting terminated. 5 months after that, he discovered a forum that he really fits in and that was the Off-Topic Subforum. He didn't really post that much when he was there because somehow, most of the people were rude. So he tried to go to other subforums. He had posted in different subforums like S&I, C&G and Game Design. But in 2014, he started to post mainly on OT. He also changed his name to "Quaranteed". The account, Quaranteed, sadly got terminated due to repeatedly harassing other players. He tried to appeal his but was rejected instead. So he moved to Mucilage and continued to forum in OT after 3 months. He changed his name in somewhere December, 2015. Qeography still posts in OT up to this day.


List of incidents Intralized have participated in or witnessed:

  • The 24 hour "Extra Life" ROBLOX Stream
  • The Off Topic Revolution
  • The Keylogger Scare
  • Same Sex Marriage Laws and the Anti-LGBT
  • Thelegoboy8732489 vs xLizzz
  • The Nuclear Bomb Incident
  • The Child Porn Incident
  • Chiiprincess Leaked Incident

"give me the tape the edginess is so unbearable | +2k posts"

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