Its_Somewhat (Off Topic Forumer)

Its_Somewhat is a known and somewhat(pun intended) popular forumer amongst her pears, she has been foruming since late 2015 and may continue to do so. Her character on ROBLOX consists of a character with a black and purple dress, with a pinkish-purple skin colour and purple hair. She is not known for causing trouble in the forums.

Off Topic (and forums in general)

It is easy to say that her main posts may have came from off topic, as it is where she has been primarily active, however, it is unknown if she has made posts any where else other than OT. She has a good reputation that is unlikely to be tarnished as it shows along with her fun sense and silly threads. Her current post count is over 6000+.

Previous Activities

Before foruming (or during that time), Its_Somewhat use to work in various fashion groups as a high rank such as Lauhala and SILVER, she was very prestigious in her work, and even went onto developing places, in which for unknowing reasons were discontinued, and became unfinished projects.

Departure from ROBLOX

On the 5/9/2016, Its_Somewhat would have left ROBLOX, making her last thread, being which a favourite OTer and a quitting thread. She is leaving for unknown reasons, but it's possibly due to work related reasons (i.e school).

Not only will her presence still be within the Off Topic forums, but so will her graceful and joyous jokes, silly threads and contagious well-being. A lot of her friends will miss her, as a great forumer, being the small light in what off topic has distorted to.

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